Welcome to SuperMamas


SuperMamas is a free volunteer network in Germany, Belgium and Czech Republic where mothers help out new mums in their city who just gave birth – by providing freshly cooked meals and a little chat.

Every mom deserves to be pampered after birth, to get nutritious food and to be surrounded by a tribe of mothers that shower her with positive energy. Our goal is to create a village around the new mom and to fight loneliness, one pampering visit at a time.

JOIN our wonderful community of supportive mothers or continue reading to find out the different roles of our community members.


  • You are a mum who can still remember those early days of childcare
  • You would like to help young mums
  • You like to meet other (new) mums in your own neighborhood
  • You can spare an hour or two to cook (or buy) a fresh meal and bring it over

By becoming a HelpingMama you will give a little bit of your time and energy, according to your own availability, to connect with a new mother, to share your experience and listen to her. You have already been there and you know how a new mum feels. Bringing her a meal and getting in touch with her will do her a lot of good.

Do you want to do some good around you? Then CLICK HERE to sign up as a HelpingMama ❤ 


  • You are pregnant
  • You recently gave birth or recently adopted
  • You are pregnant and on mandatory bed rest
  • You are a single mum with a baby or a toddler

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you deserve to be pampered by SuperMamas!

CLICK HERE to sign up as BubbleMama and get support from the SuperMamas. We will look for HelpingMamas, our mums volunteers living around you, who will bring you food and lend you a friendly ear ❤ 

You can read more here about being a BubbleMama and what a pampering is about.

Come over here to read testimonials about SuperMamas.


CLICK HERE to read more about what we do and how we do it ❤ 


SuperMamas exists also in Swizerland and France! Here are the respective websites:

SuperMamans Suisse (where it all started!): https://www.supermamans.ch

SuperMamans France: https://www.supermamansfrance.fr/


Photo courtesy of www.imagery-prod.com and www.supermamans.ch

2 thoughts on “Welcome to SuperMamas

  1. Luise says:

    Wow!! I love this concept!
    Gonna promote it – we need this communities everywhere! I am a midwife an every day I see women struggle because of a lack of help and it makes me so sad! Thanks for doing this!


  2. miraframira says:

    Hello, tomorrow is the day of my section and we are waiting to welcome out baby boy to our family. It’s our first child and we are looking forward to hold him in our hands soon.


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