(Hier findest du die HOMEPAGE AUF DEUTSCH)

WELCOME to SuperMamas Germany, a volunteer network of mothers helping out fellow mamas in their city who just gave birth – by providing freshly cooked meals and a little chat.

Through our network we bring new mums in touch with more ‘experienced’ mums who live in the same neighborhood. We connect HelpingMamas, those who bring the gift of food, with BubbleMamas, those we deserve a little bit of pampering.

Why do we do this? We want new mums to feel loved and cared for by strengthening the social bonds that exist around them. Living in a big city often means that there are no relatives close-by who can chip in whenever it is needed. Yet, this social fabric is so important in those early days of motherhood, when life is lived in a bubble of nurturing and caring for your baby around the clock. 

That’s where we come in. And you, of course, because we need your help!

Join our wonderful community of supportive mothers over here: https://app.supermamasgermany.org/


  • You are a mum who can still remember those early days of childcare
  • You would like to help young mums
  • You like to meet other (new) mums in your own neighborhood
  • You can spare an hour or two to cook (or buy) a fresh meal and bring it over

Then become a HelpingMama! We are always looking for enthusiastic mums who want to ‘pamper’ a young mum in their neighborhood. 

Here you can read more about your role as HelpingMama ❤


  • You are pregnant
  • You recently gave birth
  • You are pregnant and on mandatory bed rest
  • You are a single mum with a baby or a toddler

Then become a BubbleMama to get the support from the SuperMamas (we called it “pampering”). We look for HelpingMamas, our mums volunteers living around you, who will bring you food and lend you a friendly ear.

You can read more here about what is a BubbleMama and what is a pampering at SuperMamas.

Photo courtesy of www.imagery-prod.com and www.supermamans.ch