The gift of food

Whenever a baby was born, we would bring food to the new parents. This is a tradition we shared amongst friends when I lived in the Netherland. I once made Cornish pasties for a friend with the letters of her newborn baby pasted on each one. Even though I don’t like cooking that much – I leave that to my husband – I really enjoyed making that meal, packing it up nicely and delivering it to my friend. Not having gone through the same experience myself yet, I was a bit apprehensive about going round her house only a few days after the baby was born. My friend, however, urged me to come in and admire her baby when I had actually wanted to leave the food in the kitchen and make a quick escape. How silly of me to think she didn’t want to see me!

When it was our turn to have a baby, we were so happy when family and friends returned the favor. They brought freshly made soups, dinner or sweets. Some bought fresh food at local shops they knew we liked. It didn’t matter whether they spent hours in the kitchen making the dish, whether it were leftovers from last weekend’s bake or whether they bought the food. The point was that they cared enough about us to bring us food.

So, if you are also a little bit hesitant about the idea to bring someone (you don’t really know) one of your home cooked creations, just simply let the food speak for you. It’s that easy! The gift of freshly made food says more than a thousand words. It simply says ‘I care about your family and wish you well’. What more is there to say then?

— Marijke

Join our wonderful community of supportive mothers and experience the joy of giving food to a newly grown family:


4 thoughts on “The gift of food

  1. Constance says:

    As the lucky friend who received the beautiful Cornish pastry, I can only confirm Marijke’s impression: food does say more than a thousand words. And of course I wanted to see you!!!!

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  2. Julia says:

    My neighbour baked little wheat balls with cocos and banana for me – a single one supplying more calories than you usually need in a day, so just enough to sustain yourself between two breast feeds when there is no time to eat 😉 I loved it and I loved her for it.

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