Being a SuperMama keeps you young…

… it also makes you happier, strengthens relationships and is beneficial for your heart.

Yes, I am serious: scientists have discovered that acts of kindness are not just fun for the person on the receiving end but are also good for yourself. When you do something good for someone else, you feel good, because deep inside you know that this is how it should be. The good hormones that this releases – according to the scientists – makes us feel better, less stressful and more in tune with our surroundings. Importantly, it also strengthens relationships because it reduces the emotional distance to others. Simply put: acts of kindness, even to complete strangers, make us feel more connected to others. And that is what is so important to us at SuperMamas!

Our aim is not just to provide young mothers with healthy cooked meals at a time in their lives when they need it the most. It is bigger than that: we want to connect people. We want to try to reduce this emotional distance that exists in big cities such as Berlin.

Why? Because we all crave for human interaction, especially when we are at our most vulnerable such as after giving birth. I remember myself about a year ago getting out with my baby girl in the cold to go grocery shopping. Sometimes I would linger around chatting to staff members about my dilemma in buying diapers, dummies or whatever it was I wanted to buy. I just needed to talk to another human being (apart from my husband)!

A few months ago we thought: how wonderful would it be if there was a way to make this interaction happen and do some good at the same time? To not only save someone’s time by cooking for them but also to be there to provide moral support, to lend a listening ear and to connect about the things you have in common? That is why SuperMamas Berlin was born. Spreading love and happiness all over the city- thanks to all of the wonderful SuperMamas!


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