We are the SuperMamas, a volunteer network of mothers helping out other mothers who just gave birth – by providing freshly cooked meals and a little chat.

Through our network we bring new mums in touch with more ‘experienced’ mums who live in the same neighborhood. We connect HelpingMamas, those who bring the gift of food, with BubbleMamas, those who deserve a little bit of pampering. Why do we do this? Living in a big city often means that there are no relatives close-by who can chip in whenever it is needed. Yet, this social fabric is so important in those early days of motherhood, when life is lived in a bubble of nurturing and caring for your baby around the clock.

SuperMamas Berlin builds upon the work of midwife Elisa who established the SuperMamans network in Switzerland. She started the network because of her positive experiences of being pampered by her own mother and mother-in-law in the first weeks after returning for the maternity hospital. Elisa wanted every women to get this bit of extra help, also those that did not have their family in the neighborhood. We are grateful for Elisa’s help and support in starting the SuperMamas network in Berlin, and are now also in Hamburg and Köln!

So how exactly does it work? Read more about what it means to become a HelpingMama or BubbleMamas, check out who we are, or get into the details with our FAQs.

Join our wonderful community of supportive mothers over here: https://app.supermamasgermany.org/