Become a HelpingMama

You are a mum who can still remember those early days of childcare?

You would like to help young mums?

You like to meet other (new) mums in your own neighborhood?

You can spare an hour or two to cook (or buy) a fresh meal and bring it over?

Sign up here to become a HelpingMama:

We are always looking for enthusiastic women who want to ‘pamper’ a young mum in their neighborhood. Once you become part of our SuperMamas volunteer network, we put you in touch with mums once they need your help. We then schedule the pampering and divide the visits between HelpingMamas that live close-by and have time. Pamperings usually last between one to three weeks and consist of between 2-7 visits. You can plan it according to your own schedule.

Sometimes we have mums who need special care. They might have to rest during pregnancy or had a traumatic birth or are coping with postnatal depression. Your own experience might help these mothers, so please let us know if that is the case. You can fill those details in once you sign up (the data are of course not shared with others).

Thank you! It’s because of SuperMamas like you that we can fulfill our dream of connecting all the great mums in our beloved city (first timer or not, expat or not) and hopefully help many mothers  along the way.

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