How it works


You can sign up as a BubbleMama if you are pregnant or just had a baby


you can sign up as a HelpingMama if you want to help out new mums in your neighborhood.

When a BubbleMama alerts us that her baby is born (and tells us when the pampering can start and which days of the week suit her) we contact the HelpingMamas from her neighborhood. Together with them we check who is available and on which day, and we inform the BubbleMama about her visiting plan. The HelpingMamas receive the contact details of the BubbleMama after they signed up for the pampering. The exact visiting time for each HelpingMama is agreed directly between her and the BubbleMama via phone (texting, whatsapping or calling).

The HelpingMama cooks a meal, brings it over on the agreed time and stays a while to get to know the BubbleMama and share her experience.

It’s that simple 🙂