You read our ‘About’ section, but still have some questions? You’re interested but before signing up you want to know exactly how SuperMamas works? Then read our Frequently Asked Questions!


What is a pampering?

A pampering is a time window of 3 weeks where the new mum (the BubbleMama) gets visits from the SuperMamas (aka HelpingMamas). The HelpingMamas bring her freshly cooked food and stays a while to get to know her.

What is a BubbleMama?

BubbleMamas are mums that are pregnant or just gave birth. They deserve a little bit of extra attention during this hectic time. That’s why we want to help them by getting them in touch with HelpingMamas who will come and ‘pamper’ them with a home cooked meal and a listening ear.

What is a HelpingMama?

A HelpingMama is a mum who wants to help a BubbleMama by visiting her. If you sign up as a HelpingMama you will receive regular e-mails telling which BubbleMamas need help in your neighborhood for which period. We also post this on our Facebook page. If you decide to participate to the pampering, you give the days when you are available in the calendar and how many visits you want to commit to. The SuperMamas Admin (who is also a volunteer) will then make a list of all the HelpingMamas that signed up to pamper this particular BubbleMama and send it to everyone involved (taking into account privacy issues, see ‘Why do I need to give my contact details?’ below).

How is a pampering usually organized ?

When a BubbleMama alerts us that her baby is born (and tells us when the pampering can start and which days of the week suit her) we contact first the HelpingMamas from her neighborhood. Together with them we check who is available and on which day, and we send the BubbleMama the visits plan (i.e. who comes on which day). The exact visiting time for each HelpingMama is agreed directly between her and the BubbleMama. The HelpingMamas receive the contact details of the BubbleMama after they signed up for the pampering.

Why do I need to give my contact details?

Without your contact details we can not organize your pampering efficiently. The administrator of SuperMamas need the contact details of the HelpingMamas in order to figure out who is available and when. The HelpingMamas, who have confirmed their help, need the contact details of the BubbleMamas in order to agree on the visiting hours. Only the administrators of SuperMamas have all the contact details. The contact details of the BubbleMama will only be communicated to the HelpingMama on a “need to know” basis (and the other way around!). We hope you can understand that at some point the HelpingMama and the BubbleMama have to agree directly with each other at which time of the day the visit should happen. We are all mothers whose schedule is often reshuffled several times per week (even per day!).

You can read more about our privacy policy HERE.

Is the meal only for the BubbleMama or also for her family?

Of course we also want to help the dad who might have to return to work, and/or who is helping with the house, the groceries and the older children. If the HelpingMama has enough time and energy, a home cooked meal (or a purchased healthy meal) for all the direct family members of the BubbleMama is more than welcome.

How long does a pampering last?

It depends on the number of available HelpingMamas at the time and the need of the BubbleMama. We aim at an average duration of 2-3 weeks with a total of 1 to 6 visits. If a higher frequency of the visits is needed, we will try to find more HelpingMamas. It is all based on the voluntariness of our HelpingMamas.

How long should a visit last ?

There is no rule about visiting duration. We ask the BubbleMamas to open their doors and welcome her HelpingMama at least for a while, and we ask the HelpingMamas not to overstay their welcome if they see that the BubbleMama is exhausted.

We’ve asked around and the visiting duration is usually 1 to 2 hours, but it is something that depends entirely on the mums. We have heard of one visit, where the BubbleMama was so exhausted that the HelpingMama didn’t stay more than 30 min and dropped the food. They rescheduled an other visit later. We’ve also heard of other visits where both SuperMamas really hit it off and spent the whole afternoon together.

We think it is always good to communicate with one another. That is why the mums meeting each other get each others phone number for the scheduling. You can discuss the visit duration in advance, or see “on site” how the situation is.

I would like to promote the SuperMamas. How can I do it?

We are thrilled with that! You can share our website throughout your contacts (friends, family, colleagues, midwife etc…), like our Facebook page and invite your contacts to like our page, talk about it on Twitter or any social media you are using.

Can HelpingDads also sign up?

We have received spontaneous requests from dads who also would like to help. We find this idea wonderful: it is a great way to increase the amount of help for the BubbleMamas and the new dads (BubbleDad if you want :)) can connect with the HelpingDads at the same time and also get support from them. If  a HelpingDad signs up for a pampering, we will ask him to arrange a visit with the BubbleMama at a time when her husband/partner is also at home. That gives both dads the chance to have a little chat too. We however also give our BubbleMamas the opportunity to indicate that they would rather not have a HelpingDad come over.



“I signed up to pamper a particular BubbleMama. What should I do now?”

First of all: thanks, without you we couldn’t make all of this possible! You will receive an e-mail with the final visiting plan with all the HelpingMamas in there a few days before the pampering starts (at the latest). You then also receive the BubbleMama’s address and phone number to contact her at least 48 hours before your pampering starts to agree on a specific time, and perhaps to tell her what you plan to cook. The BubbleMama also receives this schedule, including the phone numbers to contact you directly if needed (e.g. if her diet restrictions changed).

Do I have to cook in the home of the BubbleMama?

No you don’t. It is actually not planned that you cook there, unless the BubbleMama explicitly asks for it and you explicitly agree to it. You can prepare a meal in your own home ready to be warmed up. Tips: we suggest you use disposal containers to put the meal in. This way, the BubbleMama you are helping won’t have to wash anything after, and you won’t have to pick up anything back. If this solution is not eco-friendly enough for you, you can transfer the meals into the pots or plates of the BubbleMama. That way they will be ready to be warmed up later and the BubbleMama doesn’t have to store your container  and the ones of the other HelpingMamas until they get picked up.

When should I deliver the meal?

On the same day of your planned visit. You and the BubbleMama will agree about the exact schedule details.

Can I bring my child with me?

Of course you can! Please keep in mind that you and your child should be healthy before visiting the BubbleMama and her newborn baby.

Can I do more than one visit?

You decide on the number of visits and on the number of meals you bring per visit.

I don’t like cooking but I would like to help. How can I do it?

If you still want to become a HelpingMama, you can also purchase a fresh and healthy cooked meal and bring it to the BubbleMama.

Can I refuse helping for a pampering?

The idea of SuperMamas is based on mums helping other mums voluntarily. Of course you can refuse a to help for a pampering, for whatever reason, because life is unpredictable for us mums (too busy schedules, sick child, other appointments, vacation, etc…). However, if you have confirmed a visit but can not provide it, don’t forget to notify the BubbleMama at least one day in advance so she doesn’t end up without food at all! – and try to reschedule with her.

I would like to share my experience as HelpingMama. How can I do this?

We’re thrilled about that! Please talk about your experiences amongst your contacts (friends, family, colleagues, midwife etc…), share your story on our official Facebook page (or in your local SuperMamas Facebook group) and invite your contacts to like our page, talk about it on Twitter or any social media you are using. Or write a comment on one of our blogs. We are always interested in hearing personal experiences, so please get in touch with us too. We might write a blog about it to encourage other women to sign up too.


“I am still pregnant, but my doctor prescribed mandatory bed rest to reduce risks. Can I also get some help from the SuperMamas?”

Yes you can! For such critical situations we provide what we call a “pre-pampering”. You can select this option when you sign up as a BubbleMama.

What is a belated pampering?

A belated pampering is reserved for the mums who just discovered the SuperMamas “a bit too late”. This means that they already gave birth but are still withing the first 3 months and need a little bit of help.

I suffer from postpartum depression. Can SuperMamas help me?

We aim to help all BubbleMamas, whether they are happily surfing through the first weeks of maternity, or fighting depression. Being alone at home with a new human being who solely depends on you not only is exhausting and very demanding, but also cuts you from a lot of social interactions. With SuperMamas we aim to bring mothers in contact with each other, because talking about it might help. There are some HelpingMamas that went through PPD so if you want, we can try to match these HelpingMamas with you.

What is an emergency pampering?

The ’emergency’ pampering is reserved for mums who suffer from postpartum depression (PPD), lost their baby or anything critical. The pamperings are exactly the same as ‘normal’ pamperings, except that we try to find HelpingMamas that went through the same or can give some sort of support (other than cooking and talking with you). We are no professionals in this area and cannot replace medical support. We however do think that meeting other mothers (whether they went through the same as you or not), talking about your situation and eating some healthy food might already help.

Do I need to pay for the meals?

Absolutely not. The purpose of the SuperMamas is based on mums helping other mums voluntarily. The meal or the help that is brought to you by the HelpingMamas is free. I you want to show your gratitude with more than a thank you, feel free to offer something in return. An other idea: enroll as a HelpingMama yourself once your schedule allows it, and return the favor by helping the new BubbleMamas of your neighborhood.

Do I have to become a HelpingMama once my pampering is over?

There are no obligations here at SuperMamas. The point is that all HelpingMamas are pampering the BubbleMamas willingly and happily.

I would like to thank the HelpingMamas for their help. How can I do this?

You can contact them directly, or write a thank you message in your local SuperMamas Facebook group.


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