If you also think that new mums deserve to be supported become part of our community as a HelpingMama (you’ll help out new mums) or BubbleMama (you’ll be the new mum to be pampered).

SuperMamas Quote_Claudia_BubbleMama

“For me being a foreigner in the city and not having any family or friends with babies nearby it was wonderful to make contact with other mums and hear their experiences. Plus the food was awesome!” Natalie, Wilmersdorf

SuperMamas Quote

“I signed up because I wanted to meet other mums in my neighborhood. I heard good feedback from other BubbleMamas. Quick, easy interaction with organizers, too.” Alicia, Steglitz

“I’d be happy to help out other mums find their feet and would love to cook for them, as others did for me, and I have also done. It means so much for the first few weeks to feel healthy inside, when all else might be crumbling!”

SuperMamas Quote- natalie bubblemama

“I received my first pampering today and it was lovely. Just in time for my fridge being empty and my freezer depleted. We had a wonderful chat and the meal was delicious. Thank you to my SuperMama and this entire group for this great experience.” Christine, Lichtenberg

Testimonial Christine

“I so, so appreciate having food brought to me and getting to meet other Mamas, especially as a foreigner in Berlin. It has been wonderful for me and my husband to have delicious meals and treats brought to us, and for me to talk with the Helping Mamas about my experience so far and their tips for me as a new mom. It is so helpful to have food brought to you, one less thing to worry about with a new baby.” Clare, Kreuzberg

Testimonial Sandra

“A visit from one of the helping mamas was the highlight of my week! Not just for the delicious meals they brought which saved me having to scrape something together during the dreaded witching hour, but for the company. Having the ability to meet with someone once a week, someone who had been there through the breast feeding struggles, the colic, the sleepless nights – and survived it! And all of this in the comfort of your own home! I would thoroughly recommend this service to all new mums out there. Get pampered! You deserve it!” Natalie, Wilmersdorf

Testimonial Christine Charlottenburg

“The SuperMamas is such a great idea and such a help especially in the very begining for new mums, it was an incredible experience to talk to other new mums and be reassured that I am doing OK and it will get better :)” Maria, Neukölln

“I´ve moved to Berlin and three months later found out that I was pregnant. It´s really scary to have your first baby in a different country and without any friends. So I´ve found about this amazing group in a Brazilian moms-to-be meeting and signed right away, so first I was a Helping Mama and it was an awesome experience to cook and meet two new moms in my neighborhood, but when I was about to visit the third one, I had my own baby and could not come. Now, as a Bubble Mama, I could be sure about the importance of this group as it’s a big really relief to have some days when you can relax at least about the food you need to eat and you can talk to someone that have already been there and won’t judge you, or that is willing to know about your experience because is about to live that too. I can’t wait for my boy to be bigger enough so I can act as Helping Mama again. Thank you for the initiative!” Cinthia, Reinickendorf.

Testimonial Alejandra

“Hi, when I enrolled to the Supermamas I was very happy to find a group to support and get support from other women like me. I received four visits from the Supermamas: it was an incredible feeling of support, to feel that somewhere around Berlin there are women worrying about me, ready to take care of me and to give support. I felt the love and I didn’t feel alone anymore during my Wochenbett. From my lovely neighbor to a lovely mom from Poland, I felt the caring and I ate delicious food. Thanks so much Emilie and cie to give us the chance to support each other and care about all of us. I am ready to pamper and to help any mom I can. Blessings and love” Alejandra, Prenzlauerberg.

Testimonial Petra

“What a wonderful idea and experience this was! How I looked forward to your visits during those first crazy weeks of having given birth. Huge thanks to the organisers. I benefitted enormously not just with kindness and delicious food but with the social exchange that so many of us new mums crave, particularly those of us living very far from home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was a touching experience, which I wish (but of course realise) could never end, but I am hopeful of retaining some new friendships out of this experience. Special thanks to Emilie, Zainab, Katerina, Léa, Kat and Jennifer for their efforts in bringing some neighbourly goodness to my home :-)” Louise, Charlottenburg.

“I was overjoyed to see how many Helpingmamas chose to visit me after the birth of my baby. I think this is such a nice concept as many of us are new to the city and motherhood and often without any family nearby. I loved every single visit, the food they kindly brought was always delicious. I can only recommend signing up.” Simona, Mitte.

Do you also think that new mums deserve to be supported? 

Then become part of our community as a HelpingMama (you’ll help out new mums) or BubbleMama (you’ll be the new mum to be pampered).

Thank you! It’s because of SuperMamas like you that we can fulfill our dream of connecting all the great mums in our beloved city (first timer or not, expat or not) and hopefully help many mothers  along the way.