Who are we?


20170716_143506.jpgHello! We are Emilie and Marijke, both expat mums living in Berlin. We met in the very hot summer of 2015 – when we both had a little bump (our first baby for both of us!) – and became friends instantly.

We started SuperMamas Berlin in October 2016, after we read an article about midwife Elisa who set up a network to pamper new mums in Switzerland. Inspired by the idea, and convinced that it would flourish in our great city, we contacted her. She was thrilled to hear from us – having lived in Berlin herself for a couple of years – and helped us to put our plans in motion.

We believe that new mums should feel loved and cared for. The SuperMamas network helps connect all the great mums in our beloved city (first timer or not, expat or not) and we hope it will help many mothers in the future .

Get in touch with us! hello.supermamas -at- gmail.com


image2Hi, I’m Louise and I organize the pamperings for the south east of Berlin. According to Wikipedia, “Superpower is a popular culture term for an imaginary superhuman ability.” I’ll tell you what feels superhuman and is yet very real. Women (mostly, but let’s not leave out our superdads) who take time out of their busy, crazy lives, to support each other. When I saw this was happening in Berlin, I knew I wanted to be a part of it! Mother of a 3 year old and an expat myself, I remember the struggle and loneliness that can come with the transformation from young woman to young mum, especially without family around. Passionate about developmental science, I’m currently studying to become a parenting counselor and help families find their way (back) to blissful harmony.  I’m excited to be organizing pamperings in the West, seeing this community grow and meeting lots of Supermamas, for you are all most definitely superheroes!


Hey there, my name is Maité, I am from Berlin, and I organize the pamperings of the North East. When I became a mom a few years ago, I honestly had no idea about the ride that I was gonna be on. And even though I had my family in town and some friends that date back to high school and university, it dawned very quickly on me that you need other mothers to survive as a mom. You need people to talk to who are in the same situation, who have been through similar experiences and who know what you are going through in these first few crazy years… and if they can share or prepare a meal for you – even better! So this is what I like about SuperMamas – getting to know other moms in your area, taking care of each other and looking out for each other, while enjoying good food in a relaxed private
atmosphere at home…

20171220_185940My name is Silvia and I take care of the BubbleMamas in the South East Berlin. I originally come from Spain and arrived in Berlin four years ago after an eight year detour in China. My favourite thing about being a pampering organiser is talking to all the BubbleMamas and getting to hear about them first hand, it’s just lovely to hear all the stories! Be sure to join our Facebook group and meet us and other mums in your area!


image1Hello! My name is Xue and I am a mother of two daughters. Not long after my husband and I moved to Berlin, I became pregnant with our first daughter. I still remember how much of a struggle it was as a new mum, sometimes I felt very lonely. One day, I learned about Supermama and I thought what a marvelous idea it was and I registered as a HelpingMama straightaway. I have been doing pampering since then. I know just how much a simple meal and a good chat can really mean to a new mum. It is an amazing feeling helping and supporting each other. I genuinely enjoyed all the pampering that I have done. I am so pleased that I brought joy to other new mums. Being a Helpingmama makes me happy and I had made lots of good friends via the Supermamas. Now I am organising pampering for the west of Berlin. I wish there will be more and more mums to join us: together we are stronger.

SarahHi there! I am Sarah and I take care of the BubbleMamas in the West of Berlin! I had two babies and did several pamperings myself and think the idea behind SuperMamas is so great and important: being connected with other mums and families in such chaotic times. Being a midwife myself I know how overwhelming and lonely those first few weeks and months with a baby can be. Especially if family and close friends are not around the corner (yet). I love the saying that it takes a whole village to raise a child and I truly believe that building this village is the hardest job for parents (to-be). SuperMamas for me is at least one brick in that process.


Hi, there! I’m Regina, helping to organize pamperings in North-East of Berlin. I’m from Estonia but in 2017 found myself in Berlin, married, pregnant and far away from my family, my ways and both the social and professional circles. Since my son was born, the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” has been resonating with me very strongly but I would add, “it takes a village to be a mother”. So, to find my own village in a metropolis, first I joined the fleet of HelpingMamas, but soon I felt I’d like to be involved more and help with organizing the pamperings – to support through online tools that real village out there, where meals, emotions and information are shared practically every day.


480b4d5f-a222-43f2-895d-d98f8b4f6583-e1530910951539.jpegHello! I’m Mary, and I started SuperMamas  in Hamburg in October 2017.  I was living in Berlin when Marijke and Emilie started the SuperMamas Berlin, and I loved the concept so much that when I found out my family would be moving to soon to Hamburg, I knew I wanted to start it there!  My son Benoît was born in 2015 in France, and as a family we moved to Germany (first Berlin, then Hamburg) in 2017.  I am a fitness trainer at Mom in Balance Hamburg, and am currently studying nutrition with plans to start a nutrition consultation practice in 2019, specializing in women’s and pre/postnatal health.

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Moin! I’m Laura and I’m so happy to be part of this group. I believe in the value of connecting people with others in the same situation as well as those who are further along a similar path. I arrived in Hamburg in 2016 with my husband and kindergarten-aged daughter and was inspired by the generosity of the people we met. Many of these were mothers with full work and family schedules, yet they were eager to share information and their time. I am excited to help build this network of supportive and thoughtful parents!




Hi, I’m Nicola from Goa, India. I moved to Hamburg in the winter of 2015 to be with my German love. Shortly before my cocktail son came in February 2018, I chanced upon the Supermamas. To say I found this concept phenomenal is an understatement! Having been at both the giving and the receiving end, I’m thrilled to step onto the organising team. Enchanting as Hamburg is, being an expat here, particularly as a new mum, can be crushingly lonely. Bubbled in as a first time mother, that dreary, wintery February, the Supermamas gave me many reasons to smile. For that I remain eternally grateful!

Emma from SuperMamas Hamburg
I’m Emma, originally from the UK but I’ve been living in Hamburg since 2015. I live with my husband and my 1 year old son in Lokstedt. Now that my parental leave is over I’m back working part time as a management consultant. I’m really happy to be part of the SuperMamas and looking forward to supporting some new mums in my city!