Welcome to SuperMamas


SuperMamas is a free volunteer network in Germany and Belgium where mothers help out new mums in their city who just gave birth – by providing freshly cooked meals and a little chat.

Every mom deserves to be pampered after birth, to get nutritious food and to be surrounded by a tribe of mothers that shower her with positive energy. Our goal is to create a village around the new mom and to fight loneliness, one pampering visit at a time.

JOIN our wonderful community of supportive mothers or continue reading to find out the different roles of our community members.


  • You are a mum who can still remember those early days of childcare
  • You would like to help young mums
  • You like to meet other (new) mums in your own neighborhood
  • You can spare an hour or two to cook (or buy) a fresh meal and bring it over

Then become a HelpingMama! We are always looking for enthusiastic mums who want to ‘pamper’ a young mum in their neighborhood. 

Here you can read more about your role as HelpingMama ❤


  • You are pregnant
  • You recently gave birth or recently adopted
  • You are pregnant and on mandatory bed rest
  • You are a single mum with a baby or a toddler

Then become a BubbleMama to get the support from the SuperMamas. We look for HelpingMamas, our mums volunteers living around you, who will bring you food and lend you a friendly ear (we call it “pampering”).

You can read more here about being a BubbleMama and what a pampering is about.

Come over here to read testimonials about SuperMamas.

Photo courtesy of www.imagery-prod.com and www.supermamans.ch

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